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The eight signs of terrorism

My friends at Generation Cobweb are running a series on the destruction of America. Here at the Freedom Exchange we certainly agree our rights are being eroded. When I came across this little tidbit I was both amused and frightened. Without further ado I give you the eight signs of terrorism (according to our government) and my comments.
Terrorist operations usually begin with extensive planning. You can help prevent and detect terrorism — and other types of crime — by watching out for suspicious activities and reporting them to the proper authorities. Be alert for the eight signs of terrorism!

1. Surveillance- Someone recording or monitoring activities. This may include the use of cameras, note taking, drawing diagrams, annotating on maps, or using binoculars or other vision-enhancing devices.
So the next time you go on vacation don’t look too long at any national monument and for God’s sake leave your camera at home.

Will Manly is wrong about small towns.

Will Manly, a reporter for the Hays Daily News and The Stir has a little gem circulating the States via email titled Dear Barack: You’re wrong about small towns. I have reprinted it at the bottom of this article, but first my response.

Will Manly is wrong about small towns.

Mr. Manly may believe he is from a small town, but Hays Kansas prefers to think it’s a city. From their web site: “Hays Kansas is the largest city in Northwest Kansas at the crossroads of Interstate 70 and US Highway 183. This city, which has approximately 20,000 residents, was incorporated in 1885. Hays is a growing city with excellent opportunities.” (emphasis mine)

I live in a town of less than five thousand. I grew up in a town that boasted 1,100 residents. In retrospect I believe that to be a cumulative total. The point is, I know about small towns. Small towns are made of people, real living people, not the caricatures Manly and Obama have painted.