Learning how to write song lyrics is not easy, learning how to write commercial song lyrics harder still. We have several articles on line now to help you learn how to write lyrics and music for your songs. Be sure to visit the songwriting archives as well.

I don’t have any articles on how to write a hit song however.

When I learn the secret to commercial songwriting success I will write an article telling everyone how to write a hit song. Right after I write a hit song. Really.

I also get asked about copyrights. Do you need to copyright your song, how do you go about it, how much does it cost, etc. The only official way I know to copyright your song in the USA is through the U.S. copyright office. And as of July 1 2006 it cost $45.

Chris Lafavers on the old Freedom Exchange message board does have an alternative method. He said, “Contrary to popular belief you can protect your songs using the mail. It will take a little work but here are the steps to take.

1st, have a notary (free at your local bank) stamp your submission.

2nd, address the flap side of the envelope, so that the postal stamp secures the lip, and the postal service stamps and dates across that.

3rd, mail one copy to yourself and at least 2 other parties using the same format.

Lastly, once you have gotten enough songs to completely fill up a CD, have the whole CD copyrighted, thus securing all of the work for one price instead of $30.00 per individual song copyright.

Now, a lot of people go one way or the other if “Poor Man’s Copyrights” are admissible in court. I’ve spoken to several lawyers about what I do, and each has told me that it would stand. ”

How you go about copyrighting your music is up to you but if you want ironclad certainty you should register your song with the US copyright office.

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