Kenneth Lay laid to rest

AP – Kenneth Lay, the founder of Enron Corp. who ascended to the pinnacle of American business only to tumble into disgrace, died of a heart attack on Wednesday. He was 64.

I know I should feel sad when someone dies. But I don’t feel anything. Had Mr. Lay not been wealthy and well connected he would have died in jail. Instead he died on vacation in Aspen Co. The closest many Americans will ever get to Aspen is watching Dumb And Dumber. Kenneth Lay was neither.

Kenneth Lay was a shrewd calculating ‘businessman’ who laid waste to the savings of thousands of hard working American citizens. While the people he conned struggled to get their lives back Mr. Lay, instead of sitting in a jail cell was vacationing in a ski resort.

He continued to protest his innocence, even after he was convicted of fraud and conspiracy for lying to employees and investors about Enron’s financial health. Ironically enough Lay was scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 23 – my birthday. I was going to have a party. I think I still will.

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