Land of the free and the home of the brave

America, land of the free and the home of the brave – not anymore. Today we have the land of the mean and the home of the bully. There is no political debate only politcal shouting matches. Each side accusing the other of being unamerican, traitors, haters, ho’s sluts and bitches. Politics used to be called the art of compromise. Iin todays political climate however compromise is a dirty word and considered a sign of weakness.

And that would be fine if we were a small country with one set of beliefs for one type of people. But we are not, we are a diverse country with many different beliefs and a leader on the world stage. The sooner we recongnize that the sooner we can get start making Amercia into the greatest country in the world. Not the strongest military or greatest consumers but a country that leads by example – one that respects the ideas of others and is willing to help those in need.

It’s not how you treat yourself that determine what kind of person you are, it’s how you treat others.