God must not like old people

With hurricane season comes two things. One, every news and weather channel on TV will claim they are ‘hurricane central’. So If you really want to keep informed of the latest hurricane news you should tune in 24 hours a day. Which is a great help to the folks in Idaho.

Second, America will have to weather the storm of crackpot preachers telling us God is punishing America for (pick one or more) homosexuality, adultery, idolatry, greed, lust, jaywalking (ok, I threw that one in but you get the point)

What these guardians of the moral purity of America don’t get is God Hates Old People. Yes there are a lot of perverted disgusting people in Florida. And not just in the governors mansion but all over. The majority of Floridians however are old people, folks who have retired and moved there. If God doesn’t hate old people why then why does he send all the hurricanes to destroy their condos? I know you are thinking I may be a bit over the top but it makes about as much sense as God punishing (insert city, state, country here) for (insert deviant behavior here).

Of course it could be Florida is located between two large bodies of water, both of which are at the correct latitude with water warm enough to produce hurricanes. I’m pretty sure hurricanes have struck Florida for a long time, since before there were unrepentant sinners there. Even before savage Indians lived there. Who of course were being punished for being savages.

Personally I think God has cursed America with television evangelists.

Speaking of hurricanes,
What do George Bush and Hurricana Katrina have in common?
They were the two worst disasters to hit America.