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George Carlin dies at 71

George Carlin died yesterday around 6:00 pm (PST) at St. John’s Hospital, Santa Monica after being admitted for chest pain. It’s always sad when someone as brilliant and insightful as George Carlin passes.

Just five days ago Carlin was notified he was this years recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

“In his lengthy career as a comedian, writer, and actor, George Carlin has not only made us laugh, but he makes us think,” Kennedy Center Chairman Stephen Schwarzmann said in the announcement of the award. “His influence on the next generation of comics has been far-reaching.”

Carlin is reported to have replied, “Thank you Mr. Twain, Have your people call my people.”

Here’s one of my favorite Carlin routines – it’s hard to pick one as he has so many but this set is still so spot on. Carlin’s humor is timeless, as this video proves. I do have to warn you the language is uncensored, if that offends you don’t watch.

800 gather to mourn peace activist Oda

A memorial service was held Saturday for award-winning writer and peace activist Makoto Oda, who died of stomach cancer on July 30 at age 75.

Nobel Prize-winning novelist Kenzaburo Oe, novelist and playwright Hisashi Inoue, critic Shuichi Kato, and Takako Doi, a former leader of the Social Democratic Party, were among 800 people who gathered at the Aoyama Sogisho funeral hall in Tokyo’s Minato Ward.

Later, about 500 mourners marched to a nearby subway station carrying banners declaring, “We will take on your wishes for anti-war movements” and singing “We Shall Overcome,” a protest song popular in the 1960s.

At the memorial service, philosopher Shunsuke Tsurumi compared Oda’s influence on events to that of John Manjiro, who served as an important bridge between Japan and the United States as Japan opened its doors to the world toward the end of the Edo Period (1603-1867).

Oda formed the Beheiren, an anti-war citizens group, in 1965 with other activists, including Tsurumi, to protest the Vietnam War.

Make Love Not War in San Francisco

PRESS Release:
Thursday, April 17,2003
Make Love Not War in San Francisco
from the Butterfly Gardeners Association

Musicians for Peace

On a bright Spring day on a San Francisco nude beach, the latest Baring Witness peace action took place, with over 100 men and women lying naked in the sand to form the words Make Love Not War.

The participants gathered on Baker Beach, near the Golden Gate Bridge as beach-goers and National Park police looked on. After an inspirational ceremony in a circle, the organizers, Alan Moore and Nicole Savage, arranged the men and women into the letters as several photographers and videographers recorded the event.

Moore organized the event with Nicole Savage to occur on Saturday, April 19 to mark the one month anniversary of the US incursion and start of the war in Iraq. Nicole’s website at was the first to chronicle the
‘Naked4Peace’ events that Baring Witnes began.

The organizers said that while the war in Iraq is winding down, there is still a need to head off future military action around the world. Other participants said that the world’s violent history has reached a point where the only sustainable, survivable future is one in which peaceful solutions to political differences are found.